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How to find a good air duct cleaner?

Des Moines has some reputable air duct cleaning companies but unfortunately there are a few shady companies as well. It is like any profession. The trick is to figure out “how” to identify and then pick from the best air duct cleaners in Des Moines. The best thing a potential customer could do would be to learn the terminology associated with the air duct system so that when talking with any air duct cleaning company, they will understand the talk.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best air duct cleaning company in Des Moines:

  1. Stay away from the Groupon price specials! That is one of the biggest “bait & switch” scams ever. They advertise a low price to get you to call them. Then when they get to your house they tell you the price quoted was for the cold air side only, or something similar. If you want the entire system cleaned, it will coast you more money. The bad part is they end up costing more than other company choices…better choices!

    Anytime you get a price quote that sounds “too good to be true” or  around $250 or below for a “whole house” air duct cleaning, make sure that company can PROVE that they cleaned EVERYTHING by showing you  pictures and/or videos and make sure you can follow them around during the entire process, watching them work and asking them any questions. 

    The reputable air duct cleaning companies in Des Moines will be charging between $500 -$900 for an average sized house.

  2. Make sure they have a money-back guarantee! In fact, make sure that if after they get done performing their cleaning service, if you are not happy, you don’t have to pay! That weeds out the bad ones real fast! Des Moines Air Duct Cleaning goes one step further…We guarantee the work for 6 full months!
  3. You need to see proof of cleaning. You need pictures and/or videos of EVERYTHING! Make sure the photos and/or videos came from YOUR house! Some shady companies use the same pictures for every job. They know the average customer will not know the difference.

What is the best air duct cleaning process?

While there are a few different methods for air duct cleaning, there are three things that must happen no matter what system is used:

1) You need some type of agitation. By this I mean you need something to break the dust and debris loose from the vents and ducts. While some companies use a rotary brush system to clean, Des Moines Air Duct Cleaning uses whips, rods and compressed air. This allows us to clean ANY type of ductwork, even the insulated flex duct that is common in attic spaces.

2) You need some way to “move” the dust and debris. Again, we use the whips, rods and compressed air to move the debris from the vent lines to the trunk lines and then from the trunk lines to the negative air machine. You can watch the videos above to see how our cleaning system works.

3) You need some way to capture the dust and debris. We utilize a “Negative Air Machine,” which is like a big vacuum machine with an 8 inch hose. We cut a hole in your HVAC system on the cold air return side, down by the filter, and just above the A-coil on the supply side. We attach the big vacuum at those points and turn it on. It has a lot of pull! As we push the dust and debris with the whips, rods and compressed air, it gets pulled into the big vacuum.

The techs at Des Moines Air Duct Cleaning have used this cleaning process very effectively over the past few years. We think it is the best process for us to use because we can get into all the nooks and crannies. We have always been able to take on any jobs with our cleaning process and we have never met a job we couldn’t complete. That’s why we’re considered to be the best air duct cleaners in Des Moines and the surrounding area.

When Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Our professional air duct cleaners at Des Moines Air Duct Cleaning have completed enough jobs to know that air duct cleaning is a legitimate service needed by many homeowners. There are several different reasons as to why a homeowner might want to get their air ducts cleaned and we will list them below:

  1. After new construction. We contract with a few home development companies who build hundreds of homes and they have us come in and clean the HVAC system right before the home buyers move in. You can only imagine the amount of sheet rock dust and saw dust we get out of the vent lines, trunk lines and blower motor compartment.

    Subcontractors are notorious for not covering the vents, especially the floor vents. As a result, a lot of construction debris ends up in the vent lines. On top of that you have all the sanding that goes on while the system is operating. It circulates all the dust throughout the house and the HVAC system. People who purchase these new homes should request that the contractor have air duct cleaning done. We have a few contractors who have us do all their houses and then there are some contractors who only call us if the home buyer requests it.

  2. After remodeling. Like in new construction, remodeling can create a lot of dust and debris build up in the air duct system that needs to be removed once the remodeling work is done. A good thorough cleaning of the entire system will assure that the homeowner will breathe clean, healthy air.
  3. After purchasing an older home. We get many calls to clean the air ducts of older homes in Des Moines and the surrounding area that were just purchased. The new home owners want to know that the HVAC system is clean and healthy. The previous owners might have had dogs, cats or other pets. The new home owners want the pet hair removed because of allergy issues.

    The previous owners may have not been tidy people and the house is dirty. If the house is dirty, so is the air duct system. The previous owners may have never had the air ducts cleaned and over the many years the HVAC system simply got dirty from normal use. Or it could be one of those old farm houses near the fields where all the planting and harvesting takes place and the dust created seeps into the house.

  4. If you or your family has allergies, asthma or any other respiratory issues. Some home owners have respiratory issues stemming from pet hair and/or dander, dust mites, pollens, etc. Then you throw in the fact that the household chemicals used today in the completely “air tight” houses actually trap the polluted air in the house. If you open up the windows to air it out you allow the pollens and outside dust to enter. It’s a dilemma!

    We recommend a good air duct cleaning followed by the use of a high-quality air filter, designed for filtering out the pollens and pollutants and if the issues still exist, use air purifiers.

  5. To remove odors. Des Moines Air Duct Cleaning has been called to several houses requesting air duct cleaning to remove foul odors. In most of the cases, we found dead mice or other rodents or pest infestations. The worst ones are when we get called to clean the floor vents where pets have vomited or urinated in the vents. Those are hard to remove odors.

    The hardest odor to remove is cigarette smoke odor! It coats everything, and I mean everything. Replacing carpet and washing and painting walls works but what about the HVAC system? You can’t get in the vent lines and trunk lines to physically wash them. You just just hope there was some dust on the vent walls before the cigarette smoke. If that is the case, we get most of it. Once we get done air duct cleaning, if there is still smoke odor, we will let the customer use our commercial grade ozone machines. Run them a few times for a couple of hours at a time and that knocks the cigarette odor, and any other odor, completely out.


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